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Thread: Ip Self Test

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    Ip Self Test

    I found this self test online, and thought it might prove benificial to newer members just getting their feet wet. This isn't exactly security related, so I'll put it here.

    It is shamelessly cut and pasted together, and none of the material is mine

    It consists of 34 questions, and answers are provided, with explanations. (the ones with the asterisk at the end of the question are the ones I got wrong, just in case anybody is wondering)

    Also, if there are any mistakes, it's probably my fault. Would someone let me know so I can correct them?

    Good Luck!


    EDIT: Please let me know if this was helpful, relevant, full of crap, etc.

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    I won't lie, I only got 5,6,11,12,13,15,16,20,24,30,34 correct, and those were relatively easy.

    11 out of 34, I need to read more! ::shame::

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    Haha, nice test, i got 16 right, about 12 of those were in the first 15 then i had no clue after that, a bunch of wrong guesses.

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