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    Question Networking

    I have two computers, both running off XP. What i want to do is network them so taht i can use the internet on both comps at the same time. What will i need to do this, and where should i go to learn more about networking and setting it up? I'm sure it is alot easier than i think, but since i'm no guru...i needed to ask.

    thx a bunch
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    You could always get a router, may I recommend the befsx41: http://www.linksys.com/products/prod...id=23&prid=433

    It also comes with some great features:

    # Protects PCs from Ping of Death, SYN Flood, Land Attacks, IP Spoofing, and Other DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks
    # Supports Up to Two IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN)Tunnels
    # Supports URL Filtering and Time Filtering
    # Blocks Java, ActiveX, and Cookies
    # Easily Configurable through a Web Browser from Any Networked PC
    There are other linksys models that are cheaper, but this one cost me around 110 since I don't have a CC to get my computer stuff online.

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    Try a search on XP's help (located in the start menu" for "internet connection sharing" it's the cheapest easiest way to share a net connection. It may not work with a few ISP, particularly the ones which use ADSL, but then you can go with the router/switch combo option. Linksys makes a good one.
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    Okay, well, you can always get a router as FrameWork said, this is the most common thing to do for home users. Installing them are really easy. All you do for most wired ones (sends data through a cable to the computer that is getting routed internet capability) is install the software on the computer with the modem, hook up the router, connect the router and the 2nd computer, and boom! You have the internet on two computers! For more info on networking and such, im sure if you search for topics on the AO board youll find some helpful ones since im kinda lazy right now to look and provide a thread link, haha.

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    Use a crossover cable to connect the two nic's. Set static IP addresses on both the machines. Set up Internet Sharing on whichever machine is connected to the internet....

    Much cheaper that way
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