Ok.. as I was preparing my CISSP Notes Tutorial, I was talking to TheHorse13 on IRC about it and whether it would be useful. While only a few would be interested (which is fine), we did get into a discussion that the CISSP may be heading the same direction as MCSE (NT) was/is (I don't know if the MCSE 2000/2003 is the same).

Basically, everyone and their brother is getting the CISSP. Even with recent changes -- requiring 4 years experience or 3 years and a bachelor degree plus sponsoring by another CISSP or company sponsoring plus audit to prove your experience -- it has become the degree of choice. Looking at the Certification wall of a bookstore that seems evident. The number of books for the CISSP is growing.

I would definately say that the CCNA is already at the status or near the status that the MCSE NT was about 4 years ago.

What do the rest of you think??