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    If you no some one with win 98 you could get them to make you a win 98 emergency boot floppy all the tools you nead there Fdisk, Format utility scandisk extract etc. All for free you may be able to download the files from microsoft if you cant get access to 98. 95 will do it also.
    Just boot to the a drive and away you go.
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    You might try,

    There is a trial available, I am not sure if the functionality has any restrictions. It is supposed to work with XP and Linux.

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    mikem0327> If u want to install Luinux... I guess u must learn how to use fdisk....

    U must learn how to use the PC without the "GUI" coz ur missing alot if u only use the GUI... man try to explore....... read...... read... try to understand.....

    this is just some advice..........

    I dono any good Free diskpartitioners other than Fdisk..... sorry

    try to look for 1 in Google......

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    That Paragon Partition looks like it mit be what I'm looking for to load suse and rh on the same drive. I'll down load it and let you know how it works mikem0327. Instead of tring to partition xp and linux on the same drive, see if you can find an old use HD and put your linux on that. I tell you, it is easier and safer to do it that way. I just simply put in the boot disk for linux and the linux HD drive is working. That way there is no fear of the xp drive getting screwed with. Just my thoughts.


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    I looked at the paragon partition at:

    It looks like it will be very good, but there are many functions that are turned off till you buy it. Only the demo is for free. It showed me what my hard drives looked like but that was about it. I think it was $20. Even a youth person like yourself should be able to come up with a 20 spot. Try washing mom and dad's car for a couple of weeks. Pull some weeds out of the flower bed. Well, good luck mikeod0327.


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    how about this one ? PartitionStar
    free trial.. 10 bucks to buy.
    Scope of functions like FDISK with many extra features

    Unlimited support of all operating and all file systems (incl. Windows 2000)

    Decreasing and formatting of FAT 12, 16, and FAT 32 partitions

    Two programs: One program for DOS and one for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

    Complete functionality with user interface as well as with own script language

    much more...
    hehe.. they have a typo in their page.. says windows 2001 on one page but not in the manual.
    another wierd thing is that the manual doesn't talk about NTFS .. ??

    I don't have any NTFS drives.. does someone want to "give it go" and report back ?

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    I would recommend Mandrake's DiskDrake as an extremely viable alternative to Partition Magic. It has nondestructive resizing and lots of other nifty features you normally find in commercial appilcations. For basic partitioning, it's all you need IMO.

    I don't actually use Mandrake, but I do keep a spare CD1 lying around for just that purpose.
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    you can use fdisk by running the command "fdisk" in your dos prompt.
    Or just insert your windows installation disk and choose installation. from there a partition menu will be available.

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    Alright, I didn't have enought time to read all the replies in this thread so if I am repeating someone I am sorry. With NTFS format fdisk doesn't always work. here is an article for you so you better understand it. If you need any help with this you can PM me.


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    I'm using Xfdisk, this program has a GUI and it can work with NTFS, FAT, EXT2 and more.

    check this site for more information
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