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    hi people this mail is to send an invitation to use visual basic it's a good programmer program......... and when you make an exefile with it... nobody can descompilated it,so i thin that visual is so cool. well think in my invitation and buy or download visual

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    Ok... I have had alot of things Decompiled for me and by me. I am just wondering why you believe that it can't be decompiled.

    The other statement I have is. Everyone knows VB is pretty good. Though you get lazy after using it.

    Though if your going to make this post could you please atleast explain something about it or the current version.


    Now the current updated Version of VB unless I have been messing something.
    Is VB6 not that hard to learn, there are several people on AO that can help you if you need help.

    I will give a couple of links just incase anyone needs help learning.

    As for the Decompiling of VB code. I still don't understand that.
    Here are a couple links to sites that talk about that.

    Though I think this place might be talking about what your referring to.

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