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Thread: Installing redhat help!!!!

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    Installing redhat help!!!!

    ok im wanting to install install redhat on my spare box, i am wanting to install apache how do i install this (is it on the redhat installation cds) .

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    From memory I think that on the Red Hat 9.1, it's on the install CD. If you are installing from scratch then you should be able to select it from under the server group of components. The install is a dodle, configuring it afterwards is a bit harder. Have a look at:
    The official apache documentation
    The redhat apache documentation

    Good luck!
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    What version of RH do you want to install ?

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    Make sure you install your system as a server system and select WWW or WEB server, when you installed your system you should activate apache under setup or linuxconf. Choose system services and activate it, now apache will start when the system starts, also customize your firewall and open port 80. To start apache directly type: service httpd start. You can configure your apache in the GUI or with the file httpd.conf, if you can't find it type locate httpd.conf.
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    install the cd. do the linux text command, if you install the GUI first you will not be able to access it theres some type of buffer overflow. load it from linux text you use a program called lilo to make partitions.

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