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Thread: Upgrade win2k to Win2003 Server

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    Upgrade win2k to Win2003 Server

    i try to upgrade my win2k server to win2003 server, the process run smoothly.
    i get succed running my win2003 server for a while, later i have some problems :
    suddenly i have a pop up messages box when connected to internet ..here it is
    " This system is shuttingdown. Please save all working progress and log off any unsaved ...
    ......windows must now restart because ...by NTauthority/system..
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) "

    i dont quote all of the error messege, may someone here ever face the same problem ?
    any body give me a hand...thanks

    my pc :
    Intel Pentium III 700 Mhz
    Memory 384 MB
    HD 20 GB
    MB Soyo intel chipset 4bx

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    Sounds like the RPC vulnerability. Are you using a firewall? I'd get one ASAP, and make sure you have _all_ the updates for the OS.

    In this case you should be able to abort the shutdown by going to RUN and typing "shutdown -a", however there are far nastier things that could have happened than just shutting your PC down, so make sure you get a virus scanner, and do a scan of all of your hard drive.
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    ok there are a couple of steps you must take to fix this problem.. First put yourself behind a firewall.. second you need to make sure you keep on top of your windows updates.

    Start here
    next time the msg pops up go to command prompt and type shutdown -a (this will abort the shutdown and give you time to download the utilities you need.

    Next go here this is symantecs tool to scan for and remove the virus.

    finally go to windows updates and download this that link is a refrence for what is happening and the patch to fix it.

    You may also consider purchasing some antivirus software.

    Hope this helps -Spy

    edit: after rereading da'dodo said a lot of the same but hopefully these links will expidite your process
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    it's RPC alright go to microsoft and download the patch
    then run a virus scan it could be the nachi worm
    go here for a virus removeal tool
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