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Thread: Vhost In Apache

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    Vhost In Apache

    i want to know how to put a Vhost in apache.

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    Lots of info, looked it over briefly.
    That was googled under "vhost installation."
    Was about the 4th link down.

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    Is this seriously what passes for a question now? No "I've tried this", or "this doesn't work" just "Tell me how to do it". Sheesh. RTFM is very good advice in this case. Apache has AMAZING documentation if you take the time to read through it. Hell even your httpd.conf section will give you a lot of pointers to help you look in the right direction for setting it up. Did you even attempt to do this on your own or do you just want us to do all the bloody work for you? Maybe you'd like to post the addresses involved and the options and we could just write the vhost section of the httpd.conf up for you so you could paste it in? How about google? Every day I see so many questions answered because another person simply took the time to type it into google. Are you people really that lazy that you would rather ask us to look for the answer for you? FFS, I hope you people never have jobs in the real world because I would hate to call tech support only to realize they're too lazy to solve the problem, so they call in someone else to do it. "My access to the Exchange server isn't working" "I'm sorry, I've posted a question on the internet, you'll have to wait til someone answers me, I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it or look up the knowledge on my own." F#(@!!!! Anyways i typed what you asked into google and what do you know.. I got an answer.

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    What ever

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    I also don't see what this has to do with network security

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    For that What ever post I was about to neg you, but that would proppably suicide this post instead of making it usefull..

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