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Thread: Security Code Pad + lock

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    Security Code Pad + lock

    First of i would like to say that I donít think this is even the right web page to post this on but i cant find any other security forum (lasy.com).

    I want to create a lock for my door using my computer. I have the funds ( I hope ) but have no idea what to do or buy. Do any of you know what I would need to buy, if I couldnít do it threw my computer could i get some sort of code pad that I type a number in and it unlocks/locks.

    Please delete this post if it is going to cause admins to be annoyed but since that type of attitude is VERY RARE in on-line forums Iím sure no one will be annoyed.

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    Grr!! Delete thread quick!! Where's the nearest moderator?!! lol.

    You should be able to do it the same way you would control a light switch from your pc. Instead of controling a light, you control a relay which switches an electromagnet on or off. When it is on it pushes the lock in (locks it) and when it is of, the lock is springed out (so that when the power fails, you can still get in). That's one way of doing it. There are probably better ways/purpose built devices, but that's quick and easy and shouldn't cost more than £50. I'll try and dig out some links in a sec for you.
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    I think that is what you are looking for.

    Now as for posting. It doesn't matter most of the time, as long as your not rude.

    Now just so you know, you can check out. www.google.com
    Type in what you are looking for, and you will find something on it.

    Hope helps.

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    Thank you so much, very helpful indeed. I will probably post later after its built if you want to see how it turned out.

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    sure will be intrested in knowing how it turned out.
    will be waiting

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    Please delete this post if it is going to cause admins to be annoyed but since that type of attitude is VERY RARE in on-line forums Iím sure no one will be annoyed.
    Lol, THAT was annoying :P hehe.

    not that this is gonna help, but ive often thought about doing that with roller shutters (electronic shutters for windows in homes) and of the like.. just automated functions on appliances that require binary operation... i hope i can do that one day

    NB Binary operation on|off / Up|Down etc etc


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    These things are actually quite simple to build, quite an interesting project to.

    basically theres usually 7 pins coming out of a 3 x 3 pad, each row has a line and so does each column, theres also a gnd (ground/ negative) line to cause a circuit when the button is pressed,

    so in total you would need 6 i/o (input/output) lines to take the output of the pad and then another line line from what every your using to control the lock,

    you can go into some quite elaborate digital logic designs or you can do this with a PIC microchip, (PM me about these ive got a good source for getting these cheap), then create a simple program in basic, ASM or C and download it to the chip, this is the way I would go. You can othen get cheap development boards from microcontroller companys that you may find useful (again PM me and i can advise)

    another way to do it is to use the parrallel port of an old 486, some simple C programming or even python and you could implement a system quite quickly. I have code examples for a robot that ive build you may find useful.

    in all fairness anything which is programmable you could probably use, (gameboy, cybiko or C64)

    As for the locking part, I built one out of a few bolts, a piece of studded bar, geared motor from a toy car and a piece of sheet aluminum.

    becuase the majority of microcontrollers are not capable of providing a high enough current to drive a motor, youd need to put in a relay or maybe a motordriver (have very cheap source again), I have better code examples that I can supply you with on request.

    Ive been thinking about doing a tutorial on controlling stuff from a computer, such as robots and things like this, just woundering how everyone things it would go down??

    PM if you need anything, HTH


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