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Thread: To all those who say microsoft is evil...

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    To all those who say microsoft is evil...

    I hear repeatedly that microsoft is oh so evil.....check this out.

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    *publicity stunt*

    It\'s 106 miles to Chicago, we\'ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it\'s dark and we\'re wearing sunglasses.

    Hit it!

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    The software is designed to store copies of all the images police find, creating a searchable database that can help them uncover similarities among cases. It can also analyze pictures and classify those that are child pornography
    yeah yeah... do you think it will have an web front end? hahaha (kidding of course)

    Publicity stunt or not, the end result is a good project and in the end that is really all that matters.


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    Publicity stunt.. Haha good one.

    Forcing one of them "advanced-parental control" programs with anti-uninstall on each windows box would do the trick..

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    Why is it when M$ try do something good you bag him out? and then when they do something bad you bag him out also? he probly does alot more you dont hear about
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    Or he could be a father who understands the concerns presented by the police officer. And since the officer was the first to ask..

    Regardless of what you think of Microsoft as a company and their actions, BG is still a human being. If you had the power to help someone, wouldn't you do it?
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    this is a Stunt..... man... look 1 question...... Where did the officer get BG's e_mial ?????????? 2nd Q: how did the officers e_mail get to BG's ::I am sure he uses a safe list, coz I will be damed if he read e_mail:: 3: Q; how the hell will the S/w know if the ppl in the Pic are 18+ ???? tell me it is not like they r taged.....

    & lastly... I feel this prog is made to index Porn.... if u dont belive me read the article again....

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    As part of my job, I occasionally do some work very similar to the officer in the story, so I can empathize with his frustrations. Sometimes you go home at the end of the day feeling very dirty for having even seen these things. As a new father, this sort of crime scares me to death. I haven't had any of the nightmares yet, but any tool that can do some of the work for me so I don't have to look at this garbage is a great thing.

    While I never though I'd say it, I have to agree with catch - "Publicity stunt or not, the end result is a good project and in the end that is really all that matters."

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    Ur right......str34m3r... so r u catch

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    I find it good that there is a battle against child porn. Its something very important. I find it really good that BG is actually investing in this sort of thing, and that he is helping the battle against this subject. However.... what i dont find good or right is the privacy invasion. I dont find it good that M$ has more control over your puters than the actuall owner (how owns you win pc anyways?). This is just one of the things that RAT your systems. I think i can find an "OK" for this situation. But as time goes by, the win OS itself will just be one large "BIG BROTHER" tool.

    Hence, i avoid using M$ as much as possible. Not cause i wanna hide anything, but because i want my privacy.

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