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Thread: Clustered Hosting?

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    Clustered Hosting?

    I was wondering what the general consensus was on clustering hosting? Is it worth spending the money from a hosts perspective to offer 100% uptime? My goal for 2004 is to provide 100% up always on clustered hosting, but I am curious whether people will actually pay for this difference when they can get a host with 98% uptime for $5 a year. What do you guys feel about it?

    Netherweb Clustered Hosting (99.999% uptime)
    \"Cluster Hosting From $4.95 a Month\"

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    It sounds good, however, after glancing through your site, it doesn't seem like you get a whole lot for the price. I get many more features/options with the hosting plans I'm with at a low price and a 99% uptime guarantee, which, there's only one time in the whole time I've been with them that they've been down, and it was a 15 minute upgrade, in which we were notified. Not to mention the support is 24/7...I don't think these guys ever sleep.

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    My e-commerce clients require 100% uptime. No if's and's or buts. Most of my customers do not care how much hosting costs, as long as they are getting the uptime. Downtime in e-commerce means profit loss.


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