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Thread: MSN messenger via transparant Squid proxy

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    MSN messenger via transparant Squid proxy

    Greetings, all. After an extended absence from AO, I finally have some free time to get back online. Lots o' stuff has changed in my life since I was here last, including a career change and a move to a new city. One of the things that has changed recently is that my girlfriend has moved in with me, which sort of leads into my problem....

    I connect my home network to my broadband connection via a Linux gateway box. On this box, I have a squid proxy with adzapper running on port 3128, and I use a line in my iptables script to transparently redirect outbound traffic on port 80 to port 3128. It works beautimously, except for one little thing...

    My girlfriend uses MSN Messenger, which I have never used. Apparently, the client tries to connect on port 80 and is getting blocked by squid. I've tried using the proxy settings in Messenger to tell it that is an http proxy, but no joy. I know squid is the culprit because I can comment out the port redirect lines in my iptables script, and Messenger begins working perfectly. Google has turned up a couple of little nuggets, but nothing that fixes my problem.

    Does anyone know what sort of fairy dust I have to sprinkle on squid.conf to allow Messenger through?
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    Sorry mate!

    I have been married for quite a few years now, but if my wife wanted to use MSN/MS Messenger I would consider that grounds for divorce!......keep it separate on an isolated box.

    Just like you would if you were investigating malware?...it only takes a few seconds to swap the connections?


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    Problemchild... I have dealt with squid for awhile. How do you know it is the proxy? Have you looked at your logs? What happens when you stop squid?

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    mate i dont have any prob in connecting MSN through squid.....a lil more info might help...but again my squid is on a seprate box without iptables (but only port 80(squid)( changed from 8080 -> 80 ) port open)...
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