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    This is my personal view, hold it how you will, and I am basing what I am saying on only two individuals I know personally, only one of which will be mentioned. His name, hUNT3R(sometimes with more R's @ the end) While he only posted three times, and I can empathize with how some people would have taken his information in the wrong direction, I think some of you need to lighten up. He provided good information, showed you how the flaw worked, and suggested you mess with it on a test site. Everyone here walks around on eggshells ph33ring crossing that line where someone will think "oh...he might be a blackhater!!!" If hUNT3R was malicious, which I can tell you he is not, he is very interested in computer security and the best way to know about it is to test it, to read the ins and outs, to explore things, all that would have happened was an attack on the site which might have been painful for a bit, as he can have his hands wherever he likes. What he did though? He graciously left when he realized people didn't like how he *operated*, because again, he's not malicious --- and he would make a fine addition to any computer security/information related site. His first language is also not English, which some of you overlook or don't even reflect upon to begin with. Things aren't as cut and dry for non-native English speakers (yeah..look @ my flag...et puis racontez-moi vos conneries

    The point being...this site used to allow a more *free* environment, nowadays I see people getting negged for sharing information that *could* be used in a malicious manner. I say give them the information, give it all to them, they can use it as they please at their own discretion. My first post here was meant to be a simple comparison of kazaa lite as a p2p and what advantages it offered. I come back a day later, with over 1,000 views, and see 1/2 the world flaming me like I'm some n00b, and the other 1/2 on my side. Some people _DO_ deserve to be banned, I realize this, but I've seen a few cases already since I've been here where I was going hmmmmm........

    (btw, hUNT3R had nothing to do with this post and has no clue who I am even if you asked him [unless I told you my other sn ])


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    Everyone here walks around on eggshells ph33ring crossing that line where someone will think "oh...he might be a blackhater!!!"
    If the antipoints were gone, there would be no "walking on eggshells". I am a member of many sites that do not have such a system and when (depending on the site) someone screws up (IE posts something that shouldn't be posted), they are simply corrected and are sent along their way. If they keep it up, they are banned or "parked", whatever you want call it. Do it here once, and you just might need another account. Although I must say (not necessarily referring to the situation you have brought up here), how can you possibly avoid that huge splash screen here that details what AO is about?

    Who knows, maybe I negged this guy? Just have to examine it closely case by case.

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    What antionline is NOT
    AO is not a place where the community's knowledge is used or passed on to others in order to carry out illegal or immoral acts.
    AO is not a place where you should be asking how to exploit/damage/attack any system that you do not own nor have the explicit permission of the legal owner.

    To me that reads as I stated, the information should be presented to inform, but if someone, aka leecher_boy comes along and asks how to use the latest dcom sploit or the best way to cheat @ some game, he should be ignored, negged, banned, whatever you want to do. When the person in question posted the information, I believe he showed how it could be used on his own geocities site. I will talk about it later tonight, have to run, card game


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