Hey Hey,

I'd like to suggest a new forum. After talking with several of the more well versed members on this site through IRC, and various IM clients, I've come to the conclusion that a new forum is needed. One that is invite only, for those of us that actually know what we are talking about. AO is now being flooded by those looking to chat and those with basic tech support questions. 95% of the people in the addicts forum are only there because they are post whores, and some people who belong to be there aren't because they follow the rules and only post when they have a question or when they are helping out. I think an invite only forum is definately needed. One for those who present actual computer knowledge, who aren't out just to raise their post count and ask stupid little kid questions. Hell I'll even offer to sit and go threw the threads and invite members into it, if no one else wants to do it, or let a few of us that know what we're talking about in and let us vote on who's welcomed in after that. It's not fair to those of us that are here for security, to have to put up with this riff raff.