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Thread: NASA Research Team Successfully Flies First Laser-Powered Aircraft

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    NASA Research Team Successfully Flies First Laser-Powered Aircraft

    Ever since the dawn of powered flight, it has been necessary for all aircraft to carry onboard fuel whether in the form of batteries, fuel, solar cells, or even a human "engine" in order to stay aloft.

    Isn't this amazing ?

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    yeah, all you have to do is fly underneath it and it will drop out of the sky
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    I think it's great how the article sites some nice, commercial uses for this project such as the mention of t-comm uses.
    Come'on now, this is NASA, what if a cluster of warheads (possibly nuclear?) was propelled by this this thing from a satellite emitting the laser from space? Range is no longer an issue, these could be pinpoint guided and targeted from anywhere on the planet to any where else on the planet by using a satellite array, maybe even the same ones that supply the military with GPS time & location.
    just something to consider, but i agree, this is impressive technology.
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