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Thread: Need more security

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    Need more security

    I have a Gateway P2 dual booted with Windows XP & Linux Hat 9.0. I have another custom PC dual booted with Redhat 9 and Windows ME. Now on the Custom PC I have zonealarm 4.0 pro and multiproxy as my proxy server. Now on the Linux I have the one that comes with redhat 9 set as high security.

    I have 2 LINKSYS 10/100 LAN CARDS 1 installed in each system. I have a Linksys Router as well with a built in firewall. I also have COMMVIEW packet sniffer on my computer. Is there any other hardware I can purchase to make my systems more secure?

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    Well yes , there is a VPN firewall i think netgear makes. Check out this link
    It uses NAT like your router , SPI. And protection from DoS..
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