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Thread: Alien Ware

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    Alien Ware

    Thinkin about pickin up an aurora by alienware , but don't know how good of a reputation they have.. Does anybody here use alienware products and if you do what kind of luck ?
    regrets ? Thanks..
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    I don't own one but what I do know is that they use top of the line products for all of the systems they build and they also give you a cd or dvd that has all the device drivers in case you mess it up some how, and all you do is pop in the cd and restore it and it is back to the way it was when you first turned it on and the tech support is top notch but they are very expensive though.

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    they are very expensive though.
    Let the emphasis be on this point. They are very over priced!

    The components inside and the case you can get on you're own, the paint, that's a different matter. Personally, I don't mind painting my boxes, however, not many people are up to that task or just don't have the time.

    My thoughts.

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    The boxes definately look really nice!!

    but I think you're just really paying for the name and the case. They make nice systems..dont get me wrong, but they aren't doing anything special that others aren't.

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