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Thread: AO cams

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    AO cams

    ok was thinking of making an AO webcam page - have members who want to submit there cam upload a pic like valhallen.jpg, ennis.jpg etc etc this can be done using something like www.a32.com

    then having a flash file where you type in members name eg ::

    valhallen - hit enter and it the loads the correct pics into file - with an update of maybe one every 10 secs (so bandwith aint killed )

    could then include a small php script that once you have started uploading your images from cam you submit name to (so people know who are available to watch)

    this php script will write name to text file - then have a seperate flash file read the text file with names displayed in it and show last 10 submitted like ::::


    etc etc etc

    so people know who has submitted and can then enter a name into webcam flash file to view that person - whatya think?

    gonna need hosting which allows me to set-up another ftp account with limited access - (1 folder - write only something like that) so people can upload their pics for flash file to fetch

    any of you are flash minded would use something like

    submit_btn.OnRelease = function(){
    LoadMovie("dir of pic" + input_txt + "jpg");

    where input_txt is the text entered by user such as Ennis, valhallen etc etc

    that is just straight of top of head - and would only load pic in on button press what would prolly be better is to have on button push load the input_text into array and have flash call it every 10secs or so


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    *Thread moved to Site Suggestions*

    Sounds interesting.. 'cept I don't have a cam.. =P
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    grrr MsMittens wasn't suggesting Jup do it - cause lets face it it aint something they would ever implement
    I was suggesting if people were intrested enough I'd code it
    done it before for own cam all would take is same principal but have flash substitute image name from simple webcam.jpg to whatever variable user inputed like valhallen.jpg or ennis.jpg etc


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    I think it would be fun...DO IT DO IT!

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