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Thread: Member Webspace

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    Member Webspace

    I was just wondering if it was possible for memebers to recieve webspace with AO as the domain (obviously) for example, webspace for me might be:

    Its just a thought... i know you can upload files but i just figured it would be a good idea. it might be feasable if it was only available to senior members, or even addicts. im sure nothing fancy will be.. just say 20Mb...

    and of course the problem with X number of memebers by 20Mb is alot, possibly. but im sure JM can work SOMEthing out

    right guys? :P

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    Mar 2003
    There are plenty of free webhosts out there, if your lookin for some webspace, like Angelfire, lycos, yahoo and plenty others.

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    I agree with PuRe on this one. There are many places you can go for hosting, or you can do what many AO members do and run your own server. Tiny Webserver, Apache, IIS, AnalogX WebSever... there are many options available to you.
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    At one point, subdomains were offered for members to point to either their profiles (default) or a site of their choice.

    Like it's been said, there are plenty of free webhosts out there, one of which I just posted:

    And more:

    Then you're able to submit your site to the Top Links Directory off the front page of AO:

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    Yea, i know that there are many free hosts out there, it was just an interesting topic as you would use AO webspace specifically for Security purposes.. heh,

    and i would host my own server.. but currently i am on dialup which aint exactly fun :/

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