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Thread: Limited Time Offer - Free Professional Webhosting

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    Exclamation Limited Time Offer - Free Professional Webhosting

    1&1 Internet is having a prelaunch special on their website offering a free professional package for three years. Features include:
    Hosted on I/O optimized own 1&1 Linux version
    500 MB web space
    5,000 MB/month traffic ($0.99 per GB for additional traffic)
    No limits on simultaneous hits/bandwidth
    Protected by firewall
    Continuous backups of your website
    99.9% Uptime guarantee

    Website features:
    Advanced live site statistics, log files, ready-to-run CGI-library, own CGI programming (Perl, Python), FrontPage 2002 extensions
    Advanced Password Protection
    5 FTP accounts
    PHP3 & PHP4
    Proxy SSL Secure Server
    Cron Jobs
    SSH Secure Shell Access
    Advanced Developer Tools

    Newsletter Tool
    One-on-one online dialogue
    Turn-key web database applications

    Domain names:
    Register or transfer .com/.net/.org/.info for just $5.99/year
    50 subdomains (e.g., shop.yourDomain.com)
    Point up to 100 external domain names to 1&1
    ree template loaded online WebsiteCreator
    Free full version of Fusion 7, search engine registration, ranking, optimization
    Total software worth $300
    1&1 Control Panel

    E-mail handling:
    50 POP3 e-mail accounts (50 MB each)
    Catch-all e-mail addresses
    Auto-responders, unlimited forwarding.
    1&1 Advanced WebMail
    Symantec virus scanner

    1&1 Express support by e-mail
    I signed up for this last week and in moments I was hosted. You do need a phone to receive your 4-digit PIN code, but this was too good to miss out on.

    Check it out here:


    Sign up here:


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    nice find GG.. thanks.. I'll check into it myself and a few of my friends will appreciate it too

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    I hope they don't pull anything funny. In the contract when I was reading it they said you may have to pay a setup fee but it may be refundable.

    Another note, how long is the agreement for, can you drop them after three years?


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    Promotional FAQ

    That should answer all those questions you have adiz. And the Licence Agreement has in it close to where it talks about the set up fees that for the promotional deal there isn't any set up fees and all fees are null for 36 months.

    Thanks GreekGoddess,
    I just signed up for a sight that I will be creating in a little bit.

    I did notice in the Licence that if you don't use a registered domain name there will be banner adds for 1&1, but so long as you point an actual domai name to it, that shouldn't be there.

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    GG I signed up you should be earning some commission or something. Now, I need to figure out what domain I want to transfer....HMMM....Anyway thanks


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    I don't think I earn any commision on a free site...lol

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    I have a question. i run apache on one of my home computers and do not have a domain. If I were to host a site for someone the address would be my ip/~username. Could this person if they already owned a domain just have it forwarded to their address on my server? I wanted to know because I could host a couple of peoples sites for free if they wanted me too. They would have to be fairly small. Also, does an ISP frown upon customers hosting websites from home due to heavy traffic, or would I risk getting dropped by my ISP? I currently run a site that probably gets about 20 hits a month due to no domain, and those 20 hits are from me and maybe 2 other people. Anyways if anyone is interested in having me host their site, and it doesn't get too much traffic PM me.

    p.s. I'm by no means a professional hoster, but I would do it for free with no adds and hopefully it wouldn't kill my computer(PIII 930Mhz, 384 MB RAM). I also have PHP 4.3.3, and mySQL 4.0.15.

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    ISP's generally include in thier user agreement a clause which prevents you from serving anything of any kind, such as web of FTP servers. Some scan regularly for them, but most don't. They just investigate when bandwidth becomes unusual and give you a warning. But generally, no, you can't host a webpage with residential intenet access.
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    Thanks Striek, so if I were to host a website that actually used some bandwidth I would probably be contacted by my ISP? They couldn't kick me off without giving me a warning first could they?

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    h3r3tic - ISP's are a crazy bunch when it comes to messing with their bandwidth.

    I was setting up a server with a T1 line a firewall and a router (the whole nine yards). Well someone on one of the client computer had SQL server running on their machine (it was before I got the firewall up to set permissions. And he was sucking 1.72mb a sec. That is insane. Needless to say I was contact immediately. The great thing about T1's is (or at least what I did) was told them I was going to be using it as webhosting they gave me 125 ips along with the possibility of extending them to 255 free of charge. I mean true I was paying 700 a month for the bastard.

    But as far as a cable or DSL if they have it in their contract that you can't host any high traffic sites they most likely will either warn you or shut your service off until you call them and figure it out.


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