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Thread: OfcDog. New Spyware process?

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    OfcDog. New Spyware process?

    I have found ofcdog.exe running in the process list on many user's workstations (XP Pro). I have not found hardly any information on it yet and the scanner that we use does not have it in the library files. I do think that it is SpyWare. Has anyone else noticed this on their network? Is there a way to clean this pest? Thanks in Advance
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    Part of the TrendMicro AV product perhaps?
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    Yep, part of watchdog.

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    Yep, I used to use WatchDog. Even though you now know what that is, it would still be a good idea to download LavaSofts Ad-Aware, it's a free spyware/adware scanner and you should periodically check your computers for them.

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