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Thread: 6 tips for securing your network

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    6 tips for securing your network

    I found these earlier and thought they may help someone:

    1. Use a Web application scanner to discover vulnerabilities and develop a security policy for each application based on its unique positive attributes.
    2. When planning the security of a server, use a positive security model rather than a negative one. By default, turn off all access and then enable facilities on an as-needed basis. Although starting with everything turned on, and then looking for paths that can be closed off, is always more convenient, it's also a huge security risk.
    3. Install a Web application firewall to ensure that all the security policies are enforced, just like you use a Network firewall to secure your network.
    4. Be prepared to act on what you discover during your scans, by revising your business methods or your security policy.
    5. Consider using an automated tool to check your server code against the OWASP Top Ten Web Application Vulnerabilities list.
    6. Install all server OS security patches.

    There is also an interesting article entitled "Is Your Site Being Hacked Without Your Knowledge?" and it can be found here: http://www.net-security.org/article.php?id=577

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    Good little list there.

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    i'll recomend something else, that is not very security related but it also works in case of emergencies, everytime that you download important security updates make a full backup of your Hard Drive, in case something happens you just pop in the HD Back ups and you're set in less than an hour.

    i recommend Norton Ghost 2003 and Drive image, those are the onlione that i've used that why i recomend both of them.

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    Its a good basic list that am sure is helpfull little list that will help, and its also a good point to start from.
    The link is helpfull too.

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