hi all,
not sure this is a hardware problem but it might be.
got computer from work.we get rid of them as they get older.so i decided to take one home and do it for kids.
when i put it on had a password and bios password too.so i took batery out and waited few minutes and put it back and now i am stuck with screen which says to press delete to set up.when i did that nothing happened.
tried reboot, tried changing keyboard nothing f8 and things same thing is on the screen.
Dont know motherboard model because i didnt explored everithig yet but screen says:

award modular bios v6.00pg
intel 810 agp set bios for 6wmmc7
intel celeron 766mhz
can you download this bios?
is it anything else misssing there?
opened case and motherboard with integrated video and sound
memory 48
hd 20gb
sony cd
and sony floppy
any sugestions???