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Thread: Proxy detected again?

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    Proxy detected again?

    G'day all, When i first came to this site, it showed " proxy detected". After having some
    trouble with my e-mail program, it then didn't show proxy detected. I have gone back to
    Outlook Express and only today i noticed that it says proxy detected agian. Why is this
    so? i havn't changed any settings or anything, i can't figure it out. What would cause this
    to happen, as it seems i have no control over it ? All help appreciated...TidaL....

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    **Moved to Oops! A bug**

    This might be a bug with the system. Do you use a proxy when visiting AO?
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    I use a proxy from www.publicproxyservers.com every once in a while, and it never says proxy detected on the posts I posted when using the proxy. Does it only detect proxies on the standard proxy ports, or does it maybe have something to do with the proxy being anonymous or transparent, because I only use anonymous, if I use one at all.
    Thanks in advance.

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