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    Question Novell Netware 6.0 tutorial ?


    I yust started with Netware 6.0 in school and Ive been browsing
    like mad after a step by step or first-timer tutorial but I can't find one.
    The two books I have aren't helping me atm either, since one is about 5.1
    and the other one is abit too complicated for the beginner.

    I've been trying to find newbie info @ novell.com under the documentation section
    but haven't find anything usefull yet.

    Are there anyone out there that knows a good tutorial/site for Netware 6.0 ?

    If there isn't any tutorials out there I guess I have to write one
    when I get stuff together.

    ps. Sorry for my english
    Ey can you write your real name pls?
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    here is a link to a series of tutorials on Netware 6.0 that may be of some help to you


    If you do a search on Google , no doubt, you will find many more

    Hope this helps
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