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    You may want to look into your local community college or any college for that matter.

    One near me has a whole lab setup (about 15 (2500 series) routers and 6 or so switches). They participate in the Cisco Academy. I have taken semesters 1-4 and I have to say that it was well worth the money. I think I ended up paying around $1600 after tuition and books. (You can also take it if you are not enrolled in a degree program, but just want to take the Cisco Academy). It will help prepare you and they have several nights besides class nights that you can go into the lab and complete labs to get your hands on experience. That will get you ready for the CCNA exam. Then you can go back if you want to complete other semesters for other cisco certs. If you do well in the class you get a voucher for 40% off the CCNA exam. Your local college may be different from mine... but I would def. check it out.

    I purchases a Cisco 806 broadband router too (through the academy). Students get a really nice discount. I think the router was originally around $450 and we got them for $225. Granted... you can't configure ISDN/Frame/etc. But the broadband routers have a completely functional IOS and cofiguring a DSL line is VERY similar to configuring ISDN or Frame. Just minor differences. The look/feel is what you are after. It has some decent help functions built in too.... You can even get to play around with the IP/Firewall Plus functionality that we didn't have on our school routers.

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    Cisco is very expensive even thought it is very good, it is expensive. You may want to look into Adtran. Adtran is basically a generic cisco. I am using adtran on a T1 line and it is working fine.


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    Re: Cisco Router Question

    Originally posted here by Eversor
    I was wondering if someone here at AO could point me in the right direction. I would like to know more about Cisco hardware starting on a basic level. As I plan on trying for my CCNA here within the next 6 months. Does anyone recommend a router to start with (i.e. model/type) that would help me start on my learning path. I'm looking to spend around $200 - $300. I know that a lot of the Cisco hardware is expensive and I don't want to drop a ton of money on a 24 port router that I'm never gonna get any use out of once I'm done with it (unless of course I hook up 22 more computers in the house). Anything within the 4 - 12 port range would be perfect. Hopefully I made the question as forward as I can. Thanks.
    I think what you're saying is a switch, haven't seen a 24 port router.

    I think its better for you to start with a 2501 cisco router, a very basic router with 2 serial port and 1 ethernet port and attach it with a 1500 series switch with 8 fast ehther port, from here you can start out well in interconnecting cisco device, all are manageable and configureable. I think these items may come in cheap from auctions etc. or if you want a cheaper alternative, you can try going to www.cisco.com and download the cisco config maker, it's a software that simulates a lot of cisco device, it even tells you if your config is correct and if your line is active, a very helpful item i hope this helps.

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    my work here is done...isnt it?

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    Originally posted here by iNViCTuS
    You do not need to buy a router for the CCNA exam. Unless of course you have extra money you want to spend.

    There are plenty of good router sim apps available, and they would be much cheaper.
    I agree with iNViCTuS. I used a flash-based sim that fit on a floppy and was extremely acurate to the Cisco IOS. It had a 5 router config simulation with a checklist of things that needed to be accomplished to each router. It timed you on your completion. It was also very accurate in regards to the sims that you would encounter on the certification itself.
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    check out this thread, it may help:

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    Here is a great place to get Cisco routers and switches cheap. They are used and you have to wait for them to get some in from time to time, but I have seen great prices for what you get..


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