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Thread: The Virus Hunters...

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    The Virus Hunters...

    Has anyone ever gotten some malware on thier system that even an updated version of norton(or equivalent) couldn't detect? Then have they had to kill it the old fashioned way? This recently happened to me with a program called "biko". I opened it and nothing happened, meaning something was up. So I scanned it with ad-aware and Norton AV, but to no avail. So I tried to delete it but it was being used by wiondoze. Then I killed its process and wiped it over 7 times with random data. Suffice it to say, it was gone. (I also searched for it in Regedit. and deleted all of its entries.) Anyone else have some virus hunter stories to share?
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    I dont really want to make bad advertisment to Symantec but Ive seen such a thing happen on some other computer (not the one I use - I use another avirus), maybe in your case wasnt a virus but a spyware. To be sure, you can try to save that file somewhere on your computer and to a scanonline of the file using another antivirus.

    Online scan links:

    First two need IE and ActiveX (or u can try RAV file/file scanner with netscape)...
    Housecall I think works with Netscape too...

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    well that seems to be Trojan.CDance.A its a p2p virus let me look for more details i will post them ASAP

    Here is some info that i found in google check it out, they are mainly information that was posted in other forums about the virus i hope it helps


    I also recomend downloading Spybot S&D http://www.ejrs.biz/spybot/

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    I had a similar problem but it was a little easier for me becasue nortons identified it as a virus but couldnt do anything about it, so it would just warn me about it then said it could not delete fix or quarintine the file. I had to hunt down the root file after doing some research about it then deleted some registry stuff then had to delete some programs that it had infected, it was a mess and a long process. I mean I just dont get how an anti virus can identify something as a virus then not be able to delete the file. But I got rid of it and im happy.
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