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    I remember attending a military base auction once a few years back... the auction was broken up into lots, one lot in particular I was checking out listed at <$500 and included the following items:

    ~20 XTS-300 tempest form factor systems, perhaps two years old at the time, their price new is ~$80,000 _EACH_.
    About $200,000 (as is) worth of assorted RF test equipment.
    A few office furniture items (a desk, a few chairs, and such)

    And then... two 50 gallon drums of mystery substance that you needed to pay to dispose of.

    Now I can't even comprehend what must have been in these drums, that 100 gallons makes up for the over a third of a million dollars.

    So... cheap computers, but ya better read the fine print.


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    I think it cool to go on the scrapheap!
    Lots of stuff to find there cuz people here recycle their stuff, it nice and not so messy!

    But you dont find many rounded IDE cables there! =P
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    I like to go dumpster diving to get boxes to build club houses........just kidding....wanted to add a little levity.
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    You can trywww.pricewatch.com.They usually have a source of sites and they compare the prices when you search for products to.

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    Since this thread is already here, I thought I would list my haul that I picked up recently:

    3x standard pci video cards
    2x nics
    5x cd-rom drives
    2x ps-2 keyboards
    1x old keyboard (I forgot what they were called)
    8x windows mice
    2x apple mice
    3x apple keyboards
    Apple Quatra sys
    3x monitors
    3x systems of various speeds uneer 500 mhz
    many power cables
    2x rj-45s
    5x data switches/printer switches
    4x motherboards
    10x p3-p2 processors
    1x ups
    A few full sets of solaris 5
    4x 5-7 g harddrives
    An old laptop (that looks like one of the laptops in Hackers)
    and one of those things that you use to project what is on you monitor over an overhead projector. You know those things that they had before projectors.

    Isn't my college great : )
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    as touched on before your place of work can be a good place to get needed parts etc
    even if your not working as tech support just get chating to them - show a little bit of computer knowledge....offer to help them out with little bits and pieces and your set

    our work is about to replace all machines and I should be walking away with a couple of complete systems - woohoo!!!
    one thing tho 90% of the time most machines you get will not have cd-drives (computers being used as terminals may not have them so that people cannot bring in and instal their own software) so always keep a spare cd-rom drive lying around
    these I've found can be picked up from the likes of cash-convertor for about £8


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    Another great idea there Val..
    I carn't wait until some of the Computer Shops in my area have there Throw Out the old Stuff Day.
    This time i'm prepared, i will be parked behind the shop in anticipation. So when they start to haul there old stuff out to the Dumpster i will be waiting with my stun gun.
    Once i've disabled the enemy, i will safely pack up my car with all the Goodies and drive home.
    'And start my evil plan to take Over Bill Gates Home Computer..
    I only need another 500 Machines and i should be ready for this Suicide Mission..
    Or maybe i should just send him some Viagra with he's own Credit Card like that Cracker did awhile back..
    Anyhow cheers


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    I'm surprized that no one has mentioned thrift stores! I have found numerous good deals on computers there......including a 266mhz (IIRC) Pentium MMX computer that works great...
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    interesting ideas...perhaps you could also try call centres..around where i live large companies update their computers at regular intervals(rich bastards) however they are generous enough to give you their old and no longer needed stuff.Just smile and ask nicely and usually you will walk away one happy reciever... i guess some rich people are giving..yey to them i say..

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    I'll give the "calling computer retailers for their "trash"" a try. I heard that one was throwing out a Windows XP for some reason. Don't know why. Probably missing the motherboard or a drive or something.

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