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Thread: Instant messaging falls prey to hackers

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    Instant messaging falls prey to hackers

    I know flaws in various IM applications are out and about, but i found this article somewhat interesting and figured I'd pass it on through here.

    Sorry if some of you already saw this.

    Hackers are exploiting browser security flaws to hijack instant messaging (IM) accounts, security experts have warned.
    When Microsoft decided to shut down its chat rooms for security reasons, it suggested IM as an alternative.

    But although the company claims this method of chat is safer, hackers hav already exploited security holes in the Internet Explorer browser to hijack IM accounts, according to Drew Copley, a research engineer at eEye Digital Security, who discovered the original security vulnerability.
    Full Article: vnunet.com


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    WEll everything is possible ........

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    Security problems always grow up with the bug and vulnerabilities, the stability or unperfect of human being ?

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