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Thread: strange modem irq

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    strange modem irq

    Can anyone tell me how to change the irq of the modem?? Them modem is an external usb modem on windows 98 and for some reason it's been given IRQ 0 which as i understand should only be used by the system timer....the modem was working fine before does anyone know why it's decided to change it's IRQ? No new software or hardware has been installed

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    I am assuming you have installed the driver. Com 1 and 3 share IRQ 4 while com 2 and 4 share irq 3, so check to see what device is using which irq. Normally mice are on com 1, so your modem should be on com 4 or 2 using irq 3 so there is no conflict with the mouse.

    If your BIOS is PnP, there is a way to force it to assign modem to a certain IRQ. Did your modem come with software to help configure?

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    do u get any conflict error messages?
    did u try re-installing ur drivers?
    Please give more information.

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    ahem iam with giga byte more info plz

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    disable "Plug-and-Play OS" in your BIOS ... then boot up in Safe Mode. Once this is done, you can then manually assign IRQs to conflicting devices in the Device Manager


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    Since it's an USB modem it will not use an IRQ on it's own. The IRQ you are looking for belongs to the USB controller. Check to see if that has an IRQ (usually 11). If not check your BIOS and look in the advanced settings or the Integrated peripherals screens. There should be an option to turn the IRQ on/off for your USB controller.

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