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    annoying pop us

    Can anyone tell me how to stop the annoying windows popups without shelling out for the pop up blockers?... How do they get them on my system...I cannot understand it.

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    There are a couple of different 'pop-ups'. The normal one's you receive when visiting Web pages that support pop-ups and Windows messenger pop-ups. For the Web page pop-up's, you may want to install an ad blocker there are freeware ones available, just do a google search. I have installed the google toolbar which has some ad blocking capability. As for the windows messenger, you might want to check this thread, it has some good info. for you.


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    Sure, download the Mozilla web browser and enable the pop up blocker. Total cost $0. Total time 5 minutes.


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    Also check out Firebird, its a slimmer version of Mozilla and its free also. I have been using it a lot lately and I am pleased. It is also found at http://www.mozilla.org
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    If you are talking about pop-ups with "Messenger Service" in their title bar, it means you are running Windows 2000/XP. To stop this, go to start->administration tools->services and scroll down to Messenger. Click to get into the properties and hit stop and disable it on start up.

    Hope this helps!

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    IMHO, you can't go past the The Proxomitron to get rid of those annoying pop-ups.....plus it has a host of other features.

    Check out Neg's Tutorial to get the most out of it.....

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    I'm getting in here a little late, but here is what I did and I haven't seen a pop-up in 3 months.

    Downlaod Adaware from:


    Get it from Lavasoft as there are hijacked versions out there that will make your problem worse (Believe it or not).

    Download SpyBot Search and Destroy from:


    Install, Update and then Run Adaware, Install, Update and Run SpyBot. SpyBot will prompt you that it will find Adaware archives and label them as bad. No biggie just be aware.

    After that Either Install the Google toolbar as suggested by DjM above or get a different Browser, also suggested above.

    That should do it, but in case your IE Browser has been Hijacked you can use

    HiJackThis from:


    Be careful with this one, it is not as refined as Adaware or SpyBot and can cause you real problems if your not careful. Reference this Tutorial to understand the HiJackThis Logs.


    I find that one to break it down the simplest.

    Anothr Utility to help protect you once you get everything locked down is RegistryProt from:


    It will help keep a lot of nasties from accessing your registry once you have it all cleaned up.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have done quite a bit of looking for good antipop programs, and good ones can be hard to find (especially free ones). I highly suggest checking out Webattack.com's wide selection of excellent popup blockers. Of that selection, EMS Free Surfer mk II is the best that I have yet found personally, and has blocked all popup ads I've run into so far without fail. I highly recommend Free Surfer, and it integrates well with Internet Explorer. The best feature is you can control how strict it is in killing popups.


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    Mozilla browser or google bar. Thats currently the 2 easiest and free ways to do it.

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    U can also get freeware pop-up killer here :-


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