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    Linux Programming Libraries


    I was curious to know if linux had anything similar to microsoft's MFC. I think more to the point would be, are there any like SDK's that I could get my hands on. Also, i need an object/API that will allow me to read web pages. When I say read web pages, I mean I need to query let's say , www.google.com and receive the html in a text file. If anyone knows where I could get my hands on anything in regards to any of this, Please post.

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    No MFC for Linux, and all of what you want to do can be done with such a wide variety of tools and libs installed on your typical BSD or Linux box that I really don't know where to start in answering your question. We don't use SDK's in the sense you are referring to in the UNIX world, typically you get a library and it's documentation for a specific task and go to town. From your description concerning google and dumping text to a file, you should really learn Perl and LWP, that is what it was made for.

    My advice on UNIX programming is to forget everthing you know from your Windows experience except the core language (C/C++) and start learning to do things the 'right way'. No offense intended. As with all things in UNIX-land, the learning curve will be more steep, but the power and flexibility matches the curve, in the end you will be twice the 31337 uber-coder you ever would have become under Windows.

    Good luck!
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