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Thread: Wirless Memory?

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    Wirless Memory?

    This is some new technology for Intel:
    ARLINGTON, Va. Intel Corp. Tuesday (Oct. 14) introduced a multichip package with an extra NOR flash dedicated to data storage in next-generation wireless handsets.

    The addition of NOR storage capacity escalates Intel's head-on competition with rival NAND flash memory vdndors, which also are targeting wireless data storage functions.

    The package can include up to four chips using a combination of NOR flash, SRAM, pseudo SRAM or SDRAM for a memory density of up to 1 Gbit. It is the first time Intel has used SDRAM in its MCP. Intel acquires the SDRAM and SRAM from outside suppliers.

    The package, known as a StrataFlash Wireless Memory System, was unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, Taiwan, and is sampling now with production volumes starting in February 2004. The package size is 8mm x 11mm.

    Scott Dunagan, senior flash product marketing manager, said the new device can include two 256-Mbit NOR flash die, one for traditional code execution and a second for storage of images, audio and video. Up to now Intel's multichip packages have included only a single NOR flash for both functions.

    Dunagan said next year Intel will will use two 512-Mbit NOR Strataflash multilevel cell die in the package.

    Dunagan said the StrataFlash Wireless Memory System package will use 256-Mbit NOR flash made with 0.13-micron processing. He said the device is targeted at the high end of the wireless handset market, "with the majority of handset market still using a single NOR flash for both code execution and data storage." http://www.eetimes.com/semi/news/OEG20031014S0024

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    Novel idea, considering Intel comes up with good stuff but hampers the market by making you buy their products solely. However, I can see a lot of ability with "wireless" memory. I'd like to see light being used for memory space instead of what we currently use. It's been thought up and tested in Japan but in the USA, they only think on the current quarter, not the actual improvement that will make things better for the consumer.
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    It all sounds very very expensive to me!
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