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Thread: Serious Spyware Problem

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    Exclamation Serious Spyware Problem

    Shortly after I got cable, a problem arose on my blue welcome MSN Explorer page. When I click on the desktop MSN Explorer icon, I get a window that says: "We're very sorry, but MSN Explorer has experienced an internal error and will have to restart." The puter does not restart and there is no button to cancel the window. It blocks the sign-in function, so I cannot log onto MSN Explorer.

    I get onto the Net via Internet Explorer, or I can use my local cable home page. I have to access my email via Hotmail. MSN tech serv says the problem is spyware. So far, TDS-3 and Spybot S&D have not rooted out the bug. I'd like to get back into Explorer to use my favorite links, which are different from older links on Internet Explorer.

    Additional info on the spyware window:
    AppName: msn6exe
    ModName: unknown

    Any suggestions? Can I go into my system and root out this problem? Is there better anti-spyware out there?


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    First off download Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and make sure you update the reference file. Restart your comp in safe mode by restarting and holding ctrl and press safe mode and scan with ad-aware, that should find your bug

    EDIT: Get Ad-Aware here: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/

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    Sounds like your Browser could have been hijacked. Something similar happened to my wifes laptop about a month ago. Go get HiJackThis


    Run it and compare the log to this Tutorial page:


    Be careful with this utility, it can be a little unforgiving if you don't pay attention.

    Google anything that looks unfamiliar or you can't figure out before you try to fix it, it could save you loads of time and a major headache in the long run.

    Hope this helps
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    Do a search on you system for the "Hosts" file. Clear every IP listing in there except the loopback ( This sounds like the problem my buddy had, I clear the Host file and Bingo! Open it with Notepad...Hope this is the answer....Good Luck.
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    Maybe the spyware is Explorer!

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    OK lets do this in some sort of logical order?

    SpyBot Search & Destroy
    AdAware 6.0 (Lavasoft)......check that you have the latest engine build or it won't update!!

    These are all reasonable spy/bot detectors. Update them and run them IN SAFE MODE

    Update and run your AV in SAFE MODE

    If the bad guy does not get a head start, the good guys might win for a change? So run them in SAFE MODE

    Look for your "Hosts" file and edit it in notepad...do a copy and either paste or PM it to me, or both.{Good spot WAZZ}

    Get Hijack This!, run it, and post the log here, or PM it to me, or both.

    Get WinPatrol from http://www.winpatrol.com Look at what is in startup, run once, and cookies ( some of this crap runs on third party cookies) Kill all cookies unless you know that you really need them (like they have passwords..........on the other hand delete the lot and do not deal with unsafe people in future)

    When you have done this, please call your Cable Company, and ask them to change your ISP Address. If they will not do that, ask them to recommend a sensible and professional Cable Company (tends to focus their minds slightly )

    Please let us know how you get on.


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    First thing you should try is another browser. Get someone to download Mozilla Firebird
    for you , install this and try. This will prove that the browser is the problem. Also you
    will find out that iexplorer is not such a good product.

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