I am TheGhost and I (pause) am a computerholic. I don't do any drugs, my computer gives me the same rush that I have often heard described by heroin users. I am a global underground admin.

E-mail theghost@und3rgr0und.com

My Programming Computer:

CPU = 2.5 GH Intel P4
Memory = 1GB
DVD Burner = Sony
CD Burner = Sony
7 in 1 Memory Card Reader
HD 1 = External 200 GB Western Digital
HD 2 = 40gb (boot drive)
Sound = Sound Blaster External Audigy 2

I have added one more component to my computer (It works with any PC)

Item #: LL10600
Mfg: Llama
Model : Mini-Max
Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Finish: Matte Blue
MSRP: $333.95

Things I Hate or Dislike:

People who disappear for weeks at a time and you have no idea where they went.

People not accepting blame when they know they are wrong.

People accepting Blame when they did not even do it.

Toyota for making such a great car.

GM for making cars so easy to destroy.

People who accept low levels of brain washing.

Tele Tubbies.

People who think they know everything and are never willing to listen to another persons opinion because they know the other person might have enough strong points to prove that their original concept might be founded on bullshit knowledge.

People who don't understand that knowledge is power.

People un-willing to have a person question their knowledge, and not understanding that questioning knowledge is how people learn and how foundations are built.

Hack and Tells! People who hack and tell everyone. If your doing it to impress someone your doing it for the wrong reasons. It is ok for another hacker to share your story with others.. but not kewl for you to take interviews with the press. Why? A subpoena can be issued to the press or individuals you speak to or tell your story 2. If another person tells your story and it wasn't you who initiated the press then your attorney can protect you. The press very sledom will get a subpoena but other folks who aren't cave dwellers "people who stay away from the general public", might put theirself in a position to be served. So in short I dislike people who do not consider the very things that the underground has used to protect itself for years.

I hate cat ****. Cats that know they should **** in the bathroom but do it on the floor instead of the toilet.

Watermelon that taste like chicken.

When my gun jams.

Car Insurance companies.

Slow computers.

People to lazy to acknowledge things that they might or might not be doing to make someone else un-comfortable.

i.e. If you know you should mention or say something.... because you know if you don't someone else might be offended. Then you don't say anything and then the other person gets offended.

When my 3 year old repeats himself more then 5 times.

When my 3 year old asks me questions that I can not answer.

i.e. like - daddy whats that thing in blasububkeepape too da moot pa shef tree. And then I have to say what and ask him to slow down and even after the 5th time he repeats it... you still have no bearing on what the 1st 5 words in the sentence were.

Fat people turn me off, becuase I figure if they don't like or love theirself how could they like or love me.

Knowing that my child whom I could not even get to pick up his socks and dirty laundry is now part of a nuclear science team. (jk)

Going to fast food joint and asking if they have Mountain Dew and they tell me no.

Getting ****ed at the drive through.

Being 37 and having a stress test only to find out that my body is in the shape of a 70 year old man.

When I call someone and can not get a hold of them, knowing had it been an actual emergency I would have been accused of not caring enough to call them.

People who don't share common secrets in the underground.

People who dont understand that there are no secrets in the underground.

Brite Lights.

Skin Cancer.

People who say they will do something or act intrested and then whatever they said or pretended to be intrested in falls to the wayside, all this happens after you have taken the time and effort to help them learn or understand something.

The IRS.

Websites I Dig

Here of course http://www.antionline.com and also http://www.und3rgr0und.com