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Thread: is it possible to build your own laptop

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    Talking is it possible to build your own laptop

    is it??

    got any vendors??
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    Depends on how detailed you want to build. If you mean customize I believe both Dell and Apple allow the most flexibility when it comes to customization. If you mean everything from scratch (case, power supply, LCD, etc.) based on the above link.. apparently not.

    Could be an interesting project for someone who's really inclinded I suspect.
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    u can....... like u can biuld a car..... it will be hard but it will be rewarding ,,,

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    I looked into doing that just for shits one time and the outcome would have been much more expensive than just buying a package. Granted I was looking for all new parts but the LCD panel by itself was friggin waayyy to expensive.(almost as much as the rest of the system)
    But if you are hell bent on doing (or are a masochist) I would say the best thing to do is look on ebay for repalcement/broken parts. You probably wont end up with a "bleeding edge" laptop but it would still be decent.

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    i am with maxim_86ualb2
    it'll be " can....... like u can biuld a car..... it will be hard but it will be rewarding ,,," not to mention the money factor strain ,but as said rewarding

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    I would imagine that it is possible in theory (after all, the manufacturers build them somehow) but it would be much more difficult than building a PC. I certainly wouldn't recommend trying unless you are sure that you have all the right equipment/parts and are especially careful with voltages and the like - I imagine that laptops have less room for errors than PCs would.

    It'd be a cool thing to try, and great if you managed to pull it off. However, I can't see it being cheaper than actually buying a laptop (unlike PCs, which are generally cheaper if you build them yourself) and the hassle probably means it isn't worth it.

    If you have to ask if it is possible and what vendors you should be using, then it's unlikely that you'd stand a good chance of building a working laptop. If you've got the money and time to spare on such a project, then that's great, but otherwise purchasing a laptop off IBM, Apple or whoever is probably a much better (and less stressful!) option.
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    It Is Possible.
    My Dad built a LapTop from scratch 4 yrs back.
    It wasn't the best laptop around but it did the trick.
    He did he's own circuit board and stuff, made a custom hard drive and screen.
    I dont know how much exactly he spent alltogether.
    But it can be done...

    Best bet would to search Google, research it all before you lay down the cash.
    And make sure that you are gonna be commited to completing the job, as you don't wanna get half way through then crack the sads over something, and waste that hard earned dollars...


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    a friend of mine build some kind of laptop more as a case mod
    he ordered some parts wich don't heat up to much and an lcd screen and started constructing...
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    i have done three of them, it is the hardest, most annoying, massive headacke causing thing that i have ever built and for what the customer paid he could have bought 2 top of the range lap tops!

    I would never ever advise anyone to do this, it is not like a pc where you can get an ATX case and get an ATX Mo Bo and violla: You buy a MO Bo that will fit a case and a CD ROM that will fit the case, but then it doesnt fit the mo bo, so you get a new mo bo but then that doesnt fit the case, so you get a new case, but then the new mo bo doesnt support the cpu you want, so yet again you change the mobo, but now the cd rom doesnt fit, so you change this, but now it doesnt fit in the case, so you get a new case, but then the floppy isnt in the right place for the mo bo, so you get a new mo bo, but now the modem doesnt fit, so you get a new case, but now the cd rom doesnt fit, so you get a new cd rom, but now it doesnt fit the case !!!!

    DONT DO IT!!! I was reduced to tears by the end of the week i done this!!
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