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Thread: NIST Releases Five New Documents

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    NIST Releases Five New Documents

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC) has released five new documents:

    SP 800-64: Security Considerations in the Information System Development Life Cycle

    SP 800-50: Building an Information Technology Security Awareness and Training Program

    SP 800-42: Guideline on Network Security Testing

    SP 800-36: Guide to Selecting Information Security Products

    SP 800-35: Guide to Information Technology Security Services

    I haven't read them myself yet so I can't vouch for them, but NIST docs are usually decent reference material. They can't be too bad for free.

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    Good links.

    I just leafed through SP 800-64 and it reads like a study guide for the Applications and Systems Development CBK for the CISSP. Good stuff, should be read and understood by every project manager and all of these indy open source programmers.


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    I am glad to see that NIST has updated some of thier Security Awareness stuff. I quickly looked through it. Seems pretty solid.
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    Thanks for sharing it I have read two of them and I learned a few new things from it. and made me more aware of issues that I didn't know existed

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