Hello to all!

Just thought id itroduce meself here,

Im Robert, and although I have worked with computers all my life I have never really taken up security but i hope and as far as i can see i will learn loads from this site. Im a network admin for 2 companies of a reasonable size with loads of small offices so my job isn't too hard but i enjoy enything to do with computers.

Apart from learning about security I have just installed Mandrake and instead of joining another seperate site to learn more about that Im gonna have a look here first.

Bit of a ramble I know but whatever,


By the way if anyone cares im running 2 pc's at home as follows:

PC: P4 2.6Ghz , 1024mb DDR 333, 120GB HDD with Windows Xp Pro and Mandrake 9.1 and a Radeon 9000 + all the other usual rubbish

PC2: P4 2.4Ghz, 512mb ddr 333, 60gb HDD with Windows 2000 and onboard graphics