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Thread: Earned Site Benefits

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    Earned Site Benefits

    I just think and addition to the Earned Site Benefits
    would be nice. Here are a couple of ideas...

    [JR. Member Benefits]
    --1.) Your Last 10 Posts
    --2.) Your Top 10 Posts
    --3.) 10 Newest Replies To Posts.

    [Member Benefits]
    --1.) Ignore User (Will not allow you to view any content posted by a specific member)
    --2.) Assign Specific amount of AP's like any amount from 1-5

    I cant think of any others but if you can please post it too.
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    You can already see your last 20 posts in your profile, as well as you're able to ignore users from your control panel on the main page of the site. (They cannot post to a thread you've created if you've ignored them.)

    As for the AP suggestion, it has been brought up several times and is something that many of us hope for in the future.

    Good suggestions though.

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