Back when I bought my first computer 4 years back, I cheaped out and didn't get a CD-writer. The system I bought was from a local shop that used mostly Acer/AOpen parts. When I broke down 6 months later and bought a CD-writer at Future Shop, I went with Acer (to keep with my system "theme"). Fast forward to last year when I built a new system with some better quality parts, although I recycled the CD-writer among a few other parts. About 2 months before my extended warrantly ended, the CD-writer gave up and I returned it for a replacement. They ended up replacing it with a BenQ (I guess Acer's new brand name). I've had nothing but trouble with this drive. This includes:

1. It's a 32X writer, but neither Nero nor Easy CD Creator can go over 16X no matter what type/speed media I use. I've tried Maxell, Memorex and a bunch of cheapos ranging from 24X to 48X.
2. With the Memorex media (of which I have 50 blanks, of two different sppeds), they can only be written on using Nero and the CD must be finalized (it hangs for 10 minutes while it finalized the CD) . It doesn't matter what speed you try it at. Also, once it completes, the CD cannot be read in the CD-writer, only in my DVD-ROM. But the cheapo Gigastores burn fine every time as do the Maxell's.

These are the major problems with it. Yes, I've tried Googling for solutions with no luck. Also the BenQ site offers no help. I'd like to take it back and get it replaced with an LG or Plextor or something better but the store is close to 2 hours away and I won't be back there for about a month. If anyone has any experiences with these, please let me know.

Thank you very much!