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    Question Japanese Language Packs

    Konnichiwa friends! The reason I am posting this fine evening, is to get some info on downloading the Japanese Language Pack for Windows 2000 without using the CD.. Just so it is known ahead of time, no, I do not own my own copy of Windows 2000. Yes, I know it is "illegal", and no, the person I "borrowed" it from is a slob, and quite honestly, I could more readily fly to Japan than ask him to search for it. So.. I hope my sarcasm does not offend anyone.. I guess it shouldn't.. Nothing offensive.. I'm in a strange mood tonight. Please forgive me.

    Let me recap. Where can I download the Japanese Language Pack for Windows 2000?

    Thank you for your speedy responses! (In advance)

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    Okay.. So I take back that speedy response part.. Thank you for your responses... If any.

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    might be some help. Use google to look for more. cheers.TidaLphasE23

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    I've searched all over Microsoft's website, it helped little. The link you are referring to is for Office XP and it's actually suggested that I do not download it if I am already running Windows 2000.

    As for Google, I've come across all different sorts of Japanese Language Packs, or so they say, but none of them are useable as an xjis file.. The one that Microsoft Windows asks me to install when I go to view any web page containing Japanese text. I guess I was just wondering if there is such a web site that has downloads such as that. One that the users here might have already known about so you did not have to go out of your way to search. Otherwise I would just be a lazy individual, afterall, I have fingers too.

    As a matter of fact, the closest I've come so far is a Russian website which if you click on the first link after Japanese Language Pack takes you to an FTP web page. However, they are all utilities and do not offer the basic windows file that I need to view Japanese.

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    No... That's not quite it.. I really did search quite a bit.. I don't expect anyone to be able to just type it into a search engine and find it.. But thank you anyway.. I may have to just get the Windows 2000 CD..

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