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Thread: Google: A hacker's best friend

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    Google: A hacker's best friend

    In the last few years a number of news articles appeared that warned of the fact that hackers (or crackers if you will) make use of the google search engine to gain access to files they shouldn't be allowed to see or have access to.

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    Oy, another google hacker post. No offense but this makes what, #10 on the site?
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    grrr....i am a pretty post-tolerant person but come on now...you could just added this on to a previous thread about google.com. In the last week, i have seen at least 5 different threads all about google hackers on the front page and it is starting to get annoying...
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    Sorry \/IP3R, but have to agree with Juridian & White_Eskimo
    A search would have found that this article was posted way back in May, along with numerous others since then along the same lines

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    This has been everywhere and it is nothing new. If I see another post like this there is going to be painful results.
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    Hacker + Google = Gooker? or would it be Hoogler?
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    vell i steped into antionline through google search so take the hint!!!
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    Search engins always can get you the URL access, personaly if there is a protected file I just make a quick *.html and save it from the link (to IE users that Right click on link> Save as target) I might make a personal program for this...

    Anyway, the lighter defence against google peeking is to use (since I'm not too sure about other systems) vBulliten's attachemnt method, it stores attachemnts in diffrents directories, and links to them as somthing like... domain.com/attach.php=####, this way it can check to see if the user has access, and it overrides normal "target saving" since all you will get is a file that they give to all users without access (in vB's case thats mostly un-registered users).

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