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Thread: Who wants to be web hoster

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    Who wants to be web hoster

    Alright, I am setting up a new web server.

    Specs on the Box -

    Dual 2.8ghz processors
    2gigs DDR (memory)
    Dual 146GB 10k RPM scsi hard drives
    raid system
    broadcom netxtreme 10/100/1000(cat5) network adapter
    5 bay scsi removal drives

    This is an awesome machine.

    Full T1 line (1.5MB a sec)
    Adtran Router
    Firebox Firewall
    24 port switch

    So, I am throwing alittle competition.

    How to compete -

    If you want to compete you simply need to post your current website, or if you are an admin your credentials, along with a description why you should be picked. However you need to have some experience setting up a web hosting service

    Prize -

    You get a 1.5GB spot on the webserver. With as much traffic as you can get to it.

    Disclaimer -
    As the person putting on the competition I own the right to pick whoever I want. I can also terminate the winner if **** goes down. As the winner, you agree to help me in setting up the server. Also as the winner, you are entitled to 1.5GB of storage space, free of charge. However, I reserve the right to close your account. Your spot with be null and voided if any illegal filesharing or pornography is on your site.



    p.s. Have Fun!!!!

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    i have no experience as a server admin - but am willing to help with any design work you maybe undertaking for your own site on your hosting in exchange for some space


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    Well, I was hoping for more of a contest. I can hook you up though. I just need some help setting up the Apache server and my firewall reason being, I don't have much time at all. I am thinking about trying to schedule some time in. I don't want to compromise any of your data so I am not going to say I can do anything for you until I am behind a stable firewall. But I def. wanna hook you up, even if it is just to store some graphics or pages.


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    spot on matey
    I can prolly give you some help with the set-up
    am running apache with php4 and mySQL on local machine - just to test some of my work - so I can set it up but I dunno how to secure it properly as I didn't need to with my own as was never open to outside connections - join irc.unerror.com #lobby plenty of peps in there running own servers should be able to help


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    Sounds like you've got some nice equipment there. Although I have no need for disk space, I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. My current setup is as follows:

    PCChips M598 Mainboard
    AMD K6-2 500MHz Processor
    128MB PC-100 DIMMS
    6.4GB EIDE HD
    2 Intel Pro/100 Ethernet Adapters
    Astaro Security Linux 4.0

    Web Server
    Dell PowerEdge 6100
    4 Pentium Pro 200MHz 512k Cache Processors
    AMI Perc2 RAID Controller
    5 Seagate 10kRPM SCSI HDs (RAID 0 Cluster)
    Intel Pro/100 Ethernet Adapter
    SuSE Linux 8.2
    Apache 2.0
    OpenSSL 0.9.7c
    ProFTPD 1.2.9rc3
    PHP 4.3.4rc2
    Perl 5
    MySQL 4.0

    POP3/SMTP/IRCd Server
    Dell PowerEdge 2200
    2 Pentium II 350MHz Processors
    64MB PC-100 DIMMS
    Adaptec SCSI Controller
    Western Digital 4GB SCSI HD
    3Com 3C905-TX Ethernet Adapter
    Microsoft WIndows 2000 Server
    MailEnable 1.71
    Unreal IRCd 3.2

    Toshiba PCX2200 Cable Modem
    NetGear DS108 Hub
    Pan International Cat5 Cable (Cut to desired length)

    Basically my objective was to setup a cost effective system for a small server environment. I have very few users (All are locals who just want to keep in touch). My current configuration is serving me well. I had a lot of security issues with Internet Information Server 5.0, which prompted me to make the switch to Linux and Apache. Thus far, I have had no issues.

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