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Thread: anyone use astalavista.net portal

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    anyone use astalavista.net portal

    I am considering joining the portal over at http://www.astalavista.net due to the fact that certain topics here cause to much whats right to ask/whats wrong to ask BS. And that too many kiddies come in here and think there so funny with there pubescent posts.

    I figuring the membership cost will keep most kiddies out, and that I wont be jumped on if I ask questions about exploits.

    So I am just wondering if anyone here is a member or knows anything about it?
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    LOL....What a polite way of saying "This site is f@#king pathetic and Astalavista is much better......."

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    im a member well worth the money just for the wargames and files the forums are just a bonus
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    Ah yes, the age old dilema on computer security forums.

    I want to learn real computer security stuff, but how can I do this when the subject of 'eeeek' exploits and 'ssshhhhhhh' methods of compromise are unspeakable to say the least? You have to understand that forums like A.O. are bombarded with lamers asking stupid How do I hack XXXXX questions, and it is hard sometimes to distinguish a lamer from a person with genuine white-hat interest, especially if you don't know them

    I don't have the answer you probably want to hear, and some A.O. folks may take offense. However, here is what little advice I have to give, I hope it helps, but you must understand that hacking is a skill you can only get by being self-taught, all else is bogosity to the extreme.

    - Text files and forums teach little or nothing about computer security at the level you clearly want to explore. Neither do books, which are a better resouce than the afore mentioned.
    - Install a BSD or Linux on any computer you can get as your learning box, can be an old cheap SparcStation 5, x86 486, HP 9000 C110, or whatever and do yourself a huge favor and don't install X on it, use just the command line to start.
    - Visit http://www.phrack.org and download their issue tarballs, and most importantly read them, well the newer ones anyway.
    - Get the latest RFC tarball and begin studying those RFC's that apply to area's that interest you.
    - Visit Mixter's site and checkout everything offered there.
    - Visit Fyodor's site and checkout everything offered there.
    - Head over to packetstormsecurity and browse the papers, source, and miscellanious things that interest you, including the forums.
    - Learn C, Perl, Python, Sed & Awk, Regular Expressions, Borne Shell scripting, x86 ASM, SPARC ASM, and RISC ASM
    - Learn BSD Sockets, and UNIX Programming (at least the simple stuff)

    - Last but not least, you will need a vulnerability lab because these skills can not be learned by reading alone, and until you can not only penetrate the security on a system but develop your own simple proof-of-concept programs, you are just another wannabe lamer. Hacking on real machines, or even hacking-ish activity on someone's network can and will earn you 5 - 10 in the slammer, and I know you are a good-guy not some lamer so build a home network to hone your skills on.

    Do something along the lines of the following with your vuln-net:
    - Get some cheap computers, under $60 USD from eBay or whatever source you can find.
    Make them as disparate as possible within reason of what companies actually run and
    will request your services to secure, e.g. Sun, IRIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, RedHat, Win2000 Server, Win2003 Server, SCO (yuck! puke!), etc.
    - At some point add a switch, and possibly a terminal server to the vuln-net. Mostly because
    hacking on a switched network is a whole new ball-game which requires different strategies.

    If you still want to join Astalavista, and I'm not telling you not to, then that is cool. Just don't forget about us here on A.O.
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    That has go to be one of the most helpful and useful posts I have read to date on this site.

    I know there a lot of Sys Admin's on this site who obviously and for good reason dont want to tell everyone who asks how to break into systems, networks etc, however this site comes up on a lot of search engines when some one enters "Hacking" as a keyword, so naturally people come and think that they can learn all about hacking from here and usualy make a silly first post along them lines.

    Your post however informs people where to start, where to look and what to do if they are serious about learning new skills and enhancing any they may already have, BUT it did not tell people step by step, how to "Hack", if they are serious about learning they will follow your steps if they expect some one to show them step by step they will still be non the wiser, it seperated the lamers from genuine people.

    A very good post, thank you!
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    Thanks for the positive response.
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    c vat i belive is no one can teach you hacking ,u need ur own skills to do it its not like
    2+2=4 ,every thing has a different way and one can share the knowledge at sites like anti online and etc .vat i say is o.k i agree that the fees at altsvista can keep kiddes out but what about the people who are really talented and poor ( asians) (* no carding won't help*)and ther e may be sons of some rich fathers who have a credit cards north america.well iwon't totally go against it but if u can afford then join it.its not that u must

    well i hope u like my advice
    get fast get furious!!!

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    ive used it for quite sometime now.
    If you want to find out info about hacking etc it is prob the best site ive been to, the main difference between that site and this is that with this site most of the people seem to be a bit more mature and forthcoming with any help they give you.

    Its money well spent tho.

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    yep i'd agree with that,it is obviously more aimed at people who want to take up hacking where as this site is more aimed at the security type people!

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    RE: Money, wot?

    I have not really looked into astalavista forums, but I'm sure since you all say it is good that it is. The only problem is that I am 16 and dont have a credit card. I suppose the money keeps skiddies away, but it also hurts people like me who are young and dont have access to CC's to pay for the knowledge. Anyway, I like AO a whole lot, and it find it quite informative. Nice people like Mittens and Nihil who know a bunch. Do both, you'll learn more, or get a different view point on things.
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