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Thread: Crud... the joys of School monitoring.

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    Crud... the joys of School monitoring.

    Does anyone else here have their work/school trace all their activities and send a package before you log out to their server?

    Anyway, I do, and none of my other friends (because they don't exactly know what the heck "an IP" is...) don't have their stuff traced... yeah... it sucks to be me, espicaly since I don't even go onto programming/hacking servers at school.

    Anyone else have this problem at their places?

    Edit: Sorry about this, wrong forum... although you can laugh at me for being watched .

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    Yeah at school they log all the websites we goto we have win98 machines with policies so i made a crack and removed all the policies so we arent forced log in instead we can hit the X or cancel and they cant tell who was actually on the computer when the site was visited but i guess it depends on what OS you are running.

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