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Thread: Is Amiga dead?

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    Jul 2003

    Talking Is Amiga dead?

    I was looking up Amiga on Google and discovered some things about it and wonder if it will ever "take off." http://os.amiga.com/ from the screenshot, it seems pretty nice. It runs on PPC and I have not used an Amiga since the Amiga 2000 then never saw it again.

    One thing about the Amiga then was the multimedia capabilites, and blew the PC away at the time. I loved Bard's Tale and Tetris.

    Anybody else ever use the Amiga?


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    Jun 2003
    amiga has been dead in the americas for a while, I believe they still have a following in europe though and there are emulators for it if i remember right. Its been ~10 years since i have actually seen one. They did havve some pretty good games but my memory of them is pretty hazy, not having owned one.
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    I didn't own an Amiga, but I had a Commodore 64-C back in the mid 80's and I was totally addicted to Bard's Tale, and the Ultima series . . . . <nostalgic sigh>

    I still have several Commodore games with mint condition box sets, but I sold my Commadore back in 1991 (a decision I really really regret).

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    I got a Amiga and commodore 64
    And i try to use them on a regular basis.
    Only because they were the 2 machines that really introduced me into the World of computing.
    I think that there cooooooool and that they should be on the market once again.

    And release or there software, as i've lost a fair bit of mine over the years.

    Anyhow cheers

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