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Thread: antipoint answer

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    antipoint ? answered

    A while back I had wondered when you get a new dot on your antipoints. I even PMed a senior member about it and they said they didn't know. I also did a search and found a debate on how much each dot was worth. This post should settle the score. A lot of people tell noobs to read the faq when they ask a question about antipoints when in fact it really doesn't give that much at all on antipoints. Here is the answer to when you get a new dot and also when you get a lighter green dot and how much each account for.
    For every 100 points positive or negative, you will gain another "AntiPoints Rating" light. After 5 lights, they will take twice as long to appear.
    so dark green is 100 pos points and light green is 200.

    I found this here: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=118645

    I know you all hate threads about antipoints but maybe this one thread will cut out five others. Even if it only cuts out 2, there is still a benefit. Anyways, that is the post which stated that the antipoint system was here, so it should answer almost all questions about antipoints.

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    And that info you posted is correct

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