This is a complete rant about "Integrated" hardware componants. Most new PCs you buy right now, come with integrated sound cards, modems, Video Cards, and NICs......Where was I when they all decided that you cant ever upgrade because you dont need too? I bought an Nvidia E-GEFORCE 2 MX 400 Video card today with 64 MBs, I pop the case off and SUPRISE! The slot for graphics upgrades doesnt fit for the card. Its too small.

I'm kind of new to adding hardware outside of RAM so is this something I shouldv know wouldnt work? Or should companies that make PCs actually use REAL ****ing parts? How many fo you have had this problem?

If the damn Video card was REAL and not using MY RAM I wouldnt have had this problem to begin with. Linux can use the integrated Video Card and NIC but I cant use 3d with it, it says it is impossible.

I did buy an extra NIC because I knew THAT was integrated....Didnt think they did it to the Video Card too though

What are your thougths on this? I think its complete and total bullshit! Who the hell wants integrated parts? Excuse me I PAID FOR IT AND I WANT REAL PARTS.