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Thread: guest editing signature

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    guest editing signature

    I'm wasn't sure where to post this, and since it could be a bug, although very minor and wouldn't really effect anything, I decided to post it here. Anyways, I was viewing the users online page and for one of the guests it said they were editing their signature. Now I could be wrong here, but don't guests not have a signature or account. I clicked on Guest just to make sure it wasn't a member named guest and it said they weren't registered or whatever it tells you. Just thought this was interesting and decided to post it.

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    yep.. seen it a thousand times.. not a bug..

    i think the easy way to explain it is.. the member has just signed up and is editing stuff in the profile.. but the database hasn't caught up with it yet.. so that's how it appears.

    I've found members who looked like they were doing moderating functions..
    I haven't got a clear explaination for that one yet.. I have a pic of it somewhere..
    I'll find it and put it here..

    edit: ok it was er0k.. and i had sent him a pm asking him..
    he didn't have any idea why...

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    I think you misunderstood me, I was talking about guests doing this not members.

    your link confused me, I guess you did understand me though.

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    That's done deliberately. IIRC, it means they are just sitting there doing nothing and have been doing nothing for more than 5 min.
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