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Thread: dual boot!!!!!

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    You can actually run multiple OS's of the same type by using the old school program of System Commander Thats how I used to do it. I ran Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and 98...as well as an old MS-DOS 5.22....I believe that was in like '99...damn I feel old
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    Hi disc0rd,

    Yes I remember System Commander!...............I even found the 3.5" floppies for it the other day!

    As I recall it booted you into DOS then you selected which partition (OS) you wanted to boot from. It certainly worked with DOS, WIN3.x and 9.x, and I cannot see why it would not let you boot exactly the same OS from different partitions? as it seemed to keep them "hidden" from eachother.

    Perhaps a modern version of this or a similar app. would do the job..............I guess you will have to pay for it though?. I still cannot see how you can do it on logical partitions of the same hard drive with exactly the same 9.X OS. I have never tried it though As I recall 9.x will look at the C:\ drive when you load it and will overwrite what is already there? isn't this why you load the 9.x OS first, then NT/2k/XP?

    Tools like System Commander boot you into DOS or Linux and you install the OSes via the tool. This fools the OS that it is the only one on the system, so it does not overwrite anything else AFAIK

    There might be a free *nix tool that would do this, but I think that you will have to pay for a windows one.


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    Try this at home


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    Originally posted here by r8devil
    if installing *nix then lilo will help
    LILO??? most of the recent versions of RH LINUX in particular use GRUB as default that is what I use just thought you should have mentioned GRUB... I may be wrong I am still learning... please don't flame me if I am wrong just correct my mistake... please keep in mind that I am only here to help... and will try my hardest to help


    hope this is of some use,

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    you could be right cobra. I haven't dual booted with *nix for a while and the last time i did it, i was using lilo.

    I currently use connectix Virtual PC when I need more than one OS on 1 box. It creates a virual PC as the name suggests. So you can run the other OSes while in one of them. You just have to create a basic OS where the rest will run in. Quite good when you wnt to try other OSes out. I just put the link below jsut in case someone wants to check it out.


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